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Adult sex texting is a more advanced way of flirting compared to the older form of phone sex. Phone sex involves the exchange of adult conversation in the course of a phone call. The use of phone sex texting leaves no room for recording of the conversation. The emergence of sex texting has therefore emerged with the recent major developments in technological fields. The introduction of Adult sex messaging comes with a number of advantages. First, it facilitates and enables adults to exchange photographs, videos and also keep a record of messages sent to each other. This was not possible earlier, in the case of phone sex. Further, with the advent of this form of technology, is the ability to send 'sexts' - referring to text messages which are sexual in nature. Anyone can send and receive messages through phones. The simplicity of the operation means that no adult interested in sex messaging is locked out of it.

Another advantage that comes with the introduction of sex messaging is cost friendliness. The results realized by adults through sex messaging are by far more favorable, compared to the cost incurred by an individual in the course of texting. The amount charged for communication through texting is quite minimal and thus most adults find it a more favourable channel of flirting with other interested adults, as compared to using other means of communication. Lastly, adult sex messaging provides a channel of self gratification for different adults. In most cases, an adult chooses sex texting as they are able to feel more in control of the flirting process. One has a 'hold' of the amount of information they are comfortable sharing with another adult.

Adult sex texting has revolutionized the dating scene. Adults have the ability to flirt with each other and exchange sexually oriented messages from the palm of their hands.

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